Thursday, July 16, 2009

Worlds Biggest Log Chair

Another great day beginning with a two hour bike ride amonst the rolling hills and farm fields of South Dakota. Then to the local fly shop for advice on where to fish. They recommded the upper stretches of Rapid Creek, which must be why they call where I am staying Rapid City. It was a beautiful drive through the STEEP hills of SD to a copper colored stream. At first nothing, then using a weighted nymph started catching some fish. Hardly saw another person. The stream was picturesque. On my way back I saw what may be the highlight of the trip, the worlds largest log chair (yes people really think this stuff up and yes I drove out of my way to see it). Then onto Wall Drug in Wall SD. There is no way to describe this place so I will simply tell you all that if you are ever on I-90 near Wall, dont pass up the chance to see it. Had my first out of the View meal at Wall Drug, roast beef just like we used to get at school hot lunch, what a treat. Next stop was Badlands National Park, which is a lot like Southern Utah. I had no idea there were so many national parks, good thing I bought and annual pass. Unfortunately I did not have my camera ready when I passed the worlds largest prarie dog, but I am learning there are lots of worlds largest things around here. Tonight I am stopped next to an Arbys in Chamberlain which is right on the Missouri River. I was thinking about a bike ride in the AM, but there are 10 billion mosquitos here, so may reconsider.

Remember the days when kids would hide behind the gas station to smoke. Now adults park motor homes behind the gas station to use the free wi-fi at the neighboring hotel.

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  1. ha ha! are you one of those stealing wi-fi, dad? you always taught us not to steal...remember? I am so glad you are having fun. It sounds right up your alley! We miss you, keep the posts coming