Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trout, Trout and More Trout - Day 4

Today started with great anticipation. I had parked last night streamside on the North Tongue River. The drive to get here was another spectacular trip, steep canyons, waterfalls, moose, and as Joe Checchio would say, “Big country”. I am probably at about 9,000 feet, and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Although I love the opportunity I have had to see lots of other places around the world, I am not sure there is anything that rivals our own great Country.

I had planned to ride for a couple of hours this morning, but as the day got started it looked like there would be a serious storm so I decided to fish instead. By the time I got the bike cover on, the weather had turned nasty and it was apparent that not only would I not be riding this morning, but due to lightning, I would have to wait for a while to see about fishing. I am now killing time, waiting until about 8:30AM to see if this storm will break. If not, it is on to Devils Tower a little earlier than expected. The nice thing about this trip is there is no real agenda except to be in Minneapolis next Saturday morning, so I am really able to go with the flow.

I have really had the chance to reflect on how fortunate I am. I have been blessed with a great family, live in a wonderful place, have a testimony of the Gospel, enjoy good health, have had the chance to work hard and make a very comfortable living, have been able to provide for my family and have my wife at home to raise our children (who are all bright, beautiful, have had the opportunity to get a good education, are active and healthy, have had braces and were taught the Gospel in our home), and have the Views, which makes all this reflection on this trip possible. Hope all are well. I think of my family all time except when I am fishing, which appears to now be any minute as the storm has broken and it looks like time to get in the water.

“What a day this has been, what a great mood I’m in, well it’s almost like catching some fish”. Really, after the storm broke I fished the Tongue and although I was a little disappointed in the number and size of the fish for what is reputed to be a blue water special regulations fishery, there were plenty of fish and it was a blast catching them. I fished until noon and then grabbed lunch in the View, then off towards Devils Tower. Along the way, more beautiful scenery, and a stop at Prune Creek, which was better fishing than The Tongue. I really hated to leave but could see the weather changing so made my way east. The wind on I 90 was so strong it almost blew over the View, but other than that the drive to Devils Tower was uneventful. WOW, what a sight. I really could not believe how impressive it is. I’m sure people think I am nuts when I jump out of the motor home and ask them to take a picture of me, but hey, I will never see them again. While I was there the storm was moving in and backdrop behind the tower was a black sky with frequent lighting strikes so it really did look like Devils Tower.

After Devils Tower, I made my way further east and encountered the worst rain storm I have ever experienced. The rain made it impossible to see the freeway, the wind was like a tornado and there was lighting striking everywhere. I got off the freeway and there was a foot of water in the streets of Spearfish and Deadwood (an old western town, know full of Casinos) SD. The rain subsided and I went to Sturgis but unfortunately the annual Harley Rally is not until August. The town was dead and in fact looks like most of the buildings in downtown are vacant and used as temporary vendor space during the rally. After driving today in the rain, and realizing that if you are on a motorcycle trip, you really can’t do anything other than ride (you can’t stop and fish or drive in the rain, etc.) I am now convinced that at Motor Home is by far the best way to travel.

I am now stopped for the night at Wal-Mart, my home away from home, and tomorrow plan to see Mount Rushmore, maybe by bike.
Photo Note - I passed this little place in Shell, Wyoming called Dirty Annies, and lo and behold I found what may be my next vehicle, a sheep camp trailer.

Love to all, and please give my grandchildren Abbie and Andrew a hug from grandpa.


  1. I feel lucky for you, dad. Lucky to have such wonderful parents, to have a Dad who would be so excited to ride around in the View, and to have had braces (amony MANY other things). Keep posting pictures! I love you!

  2. I am living vicariously through you. Have more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!