Thursday, July 9, 2009

On The Road Again

This time it is North America. Hard to believe that so far this year we have been to the Grand Canyon and Arizona, Belgium, The Netherlands, Monterey California, The Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Germany and even France overnight. I have had the opportunity to ride my bike everywhere we have gone, and be with the people I love and care about most. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the original plan for Where in the World is Dave O'Leary. It was always meant to be a journey of getting "Lost in America" via motor home ( which happens to be the title of one of the funniest movies I have seen, and includes a motor home); to see the sights of our great country. It has changed a little based on Connor racing in Canada for the US National Jr. Road Cycling Team so now it is a little more hurried, but regardless will allow me to see some incredible sights. This next week will include Cody, Wyoming and the Buffalo Bill Wild West Center, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore and fishing and cycling every chance I get. I even have a Honda scooter strapped on the back of The View (my home away from home). A week from Saturday I will pick up Julie (my incredibly understanding wife) in Minneaplois and we will continue into Canada where Connor will race in a Nations Cup race. Then it will be a cross country race to Bend, Oregon where the US National Cycling Championships are being held. All in all it will take nearly a month.

To say the least I am excited and feel incredibly fortunate to have the opporunity to take this trip. Although it is not Lewis and Clark it will certainly be jorney of discovery.

I will do my best to keep updating including photos.