Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WHAT A RUSHmore - Day 5

After a restful night at Wal-Mart, I started early this morning with a drive to Mount Rushmore. It is quite a site and I am happy I started early as by the time I left there were big crowds and my favorite, Tour Buses (kind of my sense of what a cruise is like). I did not remember that this was created by the same man who carved Stone Mountain in Georgia. Then onto Crazy Horse Mountain but only from a distance as I had already looked up the noses of 4 American Presidents and did not feel a need to get any closer to the yet unfinished Crazy Horse. I made a stop and rode my bike for about 45 miles in the Wind Caves National Park (did any of you know there was a Wind Cave National Park?). It was a great ride, but seemed a little like riding on gravity hill as it felt like I was riding uphill out and back and fighting a ferocious head wind both ways. I did go on a tour of the Wind Caves, which is an impressive 135 mile long cave system (which they believe only represents 5% of the total cave). Not quite like black water rafting in New Zealand, but still pretty impressive.

I slept like a baby at Wal-Mart and have decided that if I did not need to fill up my water tanks and empty my waste water tanks so frequently, it may not be a bad place to live.

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  1. It all sounds like fun. Except for sleeping at WalMart. You know that the company calls the founder Chairman Sam, right? For some reason that cracks me up!