Sunday, July 12, 2009

Me and Buffalo Bill

Time flies when you are having fun. That is certainly true in my situation. Friday morning I made my way from Salt Lake and headed to points east. Thanks to TomTom, my constant traveling companion, I took the scenic route through Jackson and Yellowstone. Yes it took a lot longer, especially due to road construction in both parks, but I got to see spectacular scenery and fish in Yellowstone. I fished on Crawfish Creek, another tributary to the Snake and also on the Snake. I was wading in shorts and found out how deceptive a very clear river can be as I stepped off the bank into the Snake and was waist deep in water (it looked like it would only be knee deep). It was refreshing. I caught fish everywhere but the Snake although they were rising all around me. I finally made it to Cody, WY about 8:30 PM and made my way to the local Wal-Mart Super Center where I stopped along with 20 of my closest RV traveling companions.

Saturday started with a 35 mile bike ride to the east. It seems wherever I am riding I am able to find the end of the pavement. I did so in Europe and likewise in Cody. It was a beautiful morning with little traffic except for the occasional hog. Did I mention I am traveling towards Sturgis and it must be Harley Week there as I am traveling with hundreds, if not thousands of Harley riders. I am baffled by this group. Most are my are or older, have long grey hair and full beards and don’t look particularly wealthy, except for their very expensive motor cycles, the coordinating cars and motor homes that follow them. Not sure what they do to make all their money, but I am seriously considering getting a Harley when I get home next year. Did I say year, I really meant month, must have been a Freudian slip. The rest of the day was spent exploring the wilderness north to Montana, where I was told about a secret lake full of grayling. Well I got to the spot after about 2 hours of driving over the highest pass you can imagine and learned that the secret was out. I was there with about 1,000 other people, so packed up and made my way back towards Cody, fishing along the way on the Clarks Fork River. Lots of fish, but again nothing bigger than about 9 inches long. The scenery was spectacular. Saturday night I attended the Cody Rodeo, and cannot imagine why people ride bulls. Of the 8 or so that tried (no one succeeded), 3 were injured and one was taken off on a back board in a neck brace. Some of theme wore helmets, but it was obvious that in making the decision to try and ride a bull they already had brain damage.

Another night at Wal-Mart, this time the place was packed. I made it to church this morning and it was a nice ward. Following church it was off to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. What an incredible place, five different museums each of which you could spend a couple of hours in. I spent about 3 hours and felt like I really needed more time. I would honestly come back to Cody just to see this place again, it was incredible. This afternoon I am off to the east and north to fish on the North Tongue. It is supposed to be great, but may end up being like the secret lake. Anyway I understand it is beautiful and that there is lots of wildlife. The guide who told me about it fished it last week and said they say 100’s of elk, lots of deer and 13 moose. I will be sure to take my camera.

Having a great time, but wish Connor was with me to bike and fish and Julie was with me to see the sights.
PS I must have done something to offend TomTom as several times yesterday he tried to get me to turn of sheer cliffs or into solid rock wall faces. Today I am trying to be really nice to him.


  1. Oh Honey, I am so glad that you and Tom Tom are having fun! It makes me happy to see you get some alone time. It is well deserved and will rejuvenate you so that you can manage the fact that while you were gone I have hired someone to redo all of the bathrooms. Work will begin while you are away so that when you arrive home you will not have to deal with any construction. Oh, did I mention that I am going solo to flower school in England. Don't worry, it isn't until September so you will have plenty of time to get back up to speed! Love you. Say hello to Tom Tom.

  2. Looks like you are having a great time dad!! We miss you and kind of wish that we could share in all of your adventures...minus living in the view for a month straight! Be safe. We love you and look forward to your SAFE return!!!