Friday, July 24, 2009

Val I’Gnored – Day 15

Well it has been a few days since the last info. was written, thus the I'Gnored. We do not have wi-fi where we are parked and so it kind of changes my level of interest, knowing I can’t complete what I’ve started until I disconnect the water, power, sewer, bring down the TV antenna, slide in the pop out and secure everything inside so I can drive around and try and sense a wi-fi hot spot. Today is Friday and we needed to go out and do laundry (yes we have clothes hanging inside the View). Mom is out cold and has not been feeling well, so I took advantage of the fact that the View is on the road and parked at the Comfort Inn so I could use their wi-fi. In terms of things to report, Connor and the US Team have done well. They currently have 1st and 2nd in the individual GC and first in the team GC. In the Time Trial yesterday, Connor was fastest out of the Mine, which is a big deal. He will get his name engraved on a huge trophy and there will even be a cash bonus paid to the team. It was his goal to win that, so we are really proud of him. He had a very good overall Time Trial ending up in 21st out of 124 riders. Currently he is at 28th in the individual GC with another road race today (111 Km). The weather has turned cool and wet, with torrential rain last night. We can only hope it dries out before he has to ride this afternoon. Well, Comfort Inn could probably use the 10 parking spaces I am spread out across so I had better make my way back to our hook up for the night.

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  1. Happy Birthday dear Julie...Happy Birthday to YOU! xox