Thursday, July 30, 2009

Before this Moment is Just a Memory

I had to chime in before this moment becomes just a distant memory. Here is a photo of Connor's US Team in Canada. The week was full of thrilling bike races and good company. Dave was in top form after a week on the road living his dream. It put a smile on my face to see him so relaxed and happy to be traveling the country (or should I say countries)? Tanner's father, Pat Putt was in Canada also and he is always good company. I am afraid I didn't qualify as "good company". I began getting sick 24 hours after setting foot in the RV and am still hacking a lung. I was almost thinking it might be swine flu but who knows. I don't recall having a cold wipe me out as thoroughly as did this one.
As usual, Connor provided us with first rate entertainment. The US National Team placed 2nd, just after the Canadian Team. He is strong! Oh so strong. I sit in awe of the things that fine tuned machine can accomplish. He had a fabulous experience and loved being with the team.
Oh, and can I say it one more time....the sight of that boy all decked out in USA team gear is enough to make a mother weep.

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  1. what a sight to see! He sure wears that uniform well, doesn't he? Hope andrew can amount to the man connor has become!