Friday, July 24, 2009

Val b’Oored – Day 11

Well, as I said, there is not a lot to do in Val d’Or. I went on a long ride with Pat Putt to a scary little Indian town called Lac Simon, which felt like the setting of a Stephen King novel. Following the ride we all had breakfast for lunch at the View. Spent the balance of the day reading, sleeping, twiddling thumbs and waiting for the race to arrive in town at about 6:45 PM. It was exciting and on the last lap Connor made a break and gained about 10 seconds on the field, only to be swallowed up on the sprint. He did well and again we are proud to be here and see him compete at this level, and of the good young man he is. Back to the View for grilled steaks for dinner, using the portable grill AnnDrew gave me (it works great).

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