Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 1-Brussels

Day 1-Brussels

The Grand Place

Dad, checking out the chocolates!

Grand Place, Brussels

Mannequin Pis
You can't see the "stream" in this photo

After almost 16 hours traveling, we have finally arrived in
Belgium! The 6 hours in the Chicago airport seemed long but thanks to half an Ambien, I slept well on the 8 hour flight to Belgium. Unfortunately the expired Ambien didn’t do the same trick for dad. Upon arrival, we immediately checked into the Marriott in Brussels, showered and forced ourselves to “hit the town”. We took a bus downtown and boy were we glad we did. The drive would have been harrowing. The bus ride itself was a kin to a taxi ride in Italy with the bus just inches away from the closest car.
We sat down in the Italian Section of Brussels for a bit of oven baked pizza. Who gets pizza when they first arrive in Belgium…but we were starving and couldn’t wait. After sitting for an hour, we felt rejuvenated enough to venture out sightseeing.
We gave ourselves a walking tour. Of course we had to see the "The Mannequin Pis", the famous statue of the “little boy peeing”. They dress him up for different occasions and on this day he was dressed in a smart jacket and looked so professional doing his job!
The streets are lined with chocolate shops galore. We did treat ourselves to a macaroon in one of the bakeries (absolutely delicious) but decided not to eat chocolate for a while due to the addictive qualities of the substance. We’ll let you know the verdict when we finally partake. I am sure it will be tomorrow.
We went to the Grand Place, and wow, was it Grand. This is a full town square of buildings built in the late 1600’s to house the guilds; butchers guild, cabinet makers guild, etc. I will post some photos but they will not do justice to the architecture of this town square. Magnificent!
The window shopping was fun and dinner at La Belle Epoque topped off a perfect day! Oh, did I mention that before dinner, we drove to see "Atomium" an incredible gigantic atom, (probably 20 stories tall) that was a work of art built for the world's fair in 1958. It lights up at night and once again, no photos would do it justice. (I didn't take any because I left the sd card at the hotel in my computer.
Oh by the way, we couldn’t wait until tomorrow to taste some belgian chocolate. We are in trouble now. We will be rolling home in 2 weeks.
We wondered about Connor all day but can see on the family blog that he made it safely.
Hugs and Kisses to all of you. Wish you were here!


  1. Oh I am so jealous! I have a fabulous idea... why don't you take us next time??? Miss you but glad you are safe and having the time of your lives. Enjoy it, you only live once :)

  2. My veins are rushing with jealousy right now. What a fun experience! Erik and I should go...hmmm i wonder who could babysit? Looks fantastic! Think of my while you indulge in that chocolate and don't forget to bring us home some (by that I mean a lot!!!!) Maybe some high quality baking chocolate too? Love you!

  3. So happy to hear that you are enjoying life together away from the "stuff." Light snowfall right now, chalky sky, puddles galore, and a few courageous birds at the feeder. Hugs to you and yours. xox Be safe.