Friday, April 3, 2009

More Photos from Brugge-More of Day 3

This is one of the only Michelangelo pieces outside of Italy!
It is in a church on Market Square. Beautiful!

Canals in Brugge

Oops again, don't know how to cut without redoing all of the uploads.
Daffodils by the Monastary

We rented this 2nd floor flat for 3 days

Brugge, Belgium
More of the Brugge Skyline

Oops, didn't mean to post this twice

Enjoy, we certainly are.


  1. Well, faith and begorra, all the Irish are visiting Europe...the O'Learys...the O'bamas! Looks like you are having a wonderful time with great weather and beautiful sights. We are thinking of you. Joe and Janet

  2. Great post Julie and it's fun to see you in front of that very tall doorway. Blue sky and daffodils (sigh) just around the corner for us and you'll get to enjoy them twice. The stair steps on the profile of those buildings are interesting to see as well. Has Connor started riding yet? xox

  3. Definitely pictures worth a thousand words!!!! Looks absolutely beautiful. Keep posting...we are living vicariously through you. Can't wait for my turn to visit those beautiful places!!! Great to see some pics of you mom! It's about time! We love you both!!

  4. It makes me so happy to think of you two having such a grand time. We are missing having you available by phone 24/7 but love reading the blog and seeing the pictures. When will we hear how Connor did today?
    Love you!