Monday, March 30, 2009

Where in the World?

I am married to a man who dreams big and then makes his dreams come true. He has served as the Bishop of the Holladay 25th Ward for the past 5 years and has always told me that upon his release, he would take a trip across the country, mostly on bicycle. Well, those plans are still in the works (he has served 5 years this May) but right now, we are going to Europe to watch Connor cycle with the US National Junior's Team! I always planned to set up a site so that Dave could record the travels of his "Where in the World is Dave O'Leary" adventure, but in light of our upcoming trip I have started this site early.
Good luck Connor as you represent the US of A! Enjoy every moment of riding in Europe. You deserve it. You are like your dad, you dream big, and them make your dreams come true.
Live the Dream!


  1. I'm so proud of my family! Good Luck Connor! Have the trip of a lifetime :)

  2. You are living the dream. Could you keep it up so that we could all come see you in the Tour de France pretty soon? We are sooo proud of you! GO kick some european butt!!!

  3. We miss you guys, but are so happy you set up this blog so we can keep track of just where in the world you are.