Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3-Damme & BruggeDay 3-Waking up in DammeDay 3-Waking up in Damme

The Courtyard at our Inn "Verschare"
Dave in front of our home for the night

Day 3-Waking up in Damme
Waking up to the rooster’s call, a brisk morning walk in the cool breeze, listening to the birds chirp gladness of the new found Spring, watching Dave ride down the street on his new “breakaway” bike and enjoying the hourly sound of church bells. Ahhhh the joys of this small town called Damme!

Later this morning we will go to a little town Dave found on his morning ride and finish off this 5 star morning with breakfast. How simple life seems in this sleepy little town. This is a moment to freeze! I am sitting in the sun on the courtyard patio of this charming hotel, writing in my journal, a rare and precious moment indeed! Can’t wait to see how this day unfolds.

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  1. The chiming church bells in Europe are the inspiration for the many chiming clocks in our home. I love the pic's and your descriptions of your trip....I want to go to Belgium!