Friday, April 10, 2009

Off to the Races

I have had trouble sleeping (at the right times) since we arrived. Dave is curled in fetal position and approaching his REM sleep and I am wide eyed, working on scrapbook pages. Thankfully, I brought my computer which has been my friend in the late hours of the night. Here is last night's page. Yesterday we crossed the border into Germany and spent the day roaming around Aachen. It was fun to be in Germany again. Dave expected that I would be able to show off my language skills but he was sorely disappointed (how long has it been..34 years?). He however continues to amaze! He can take any language and put a portugeuse spin on it, and "Voila" he is speaking Dutch, German, French...just name it!

Today, we are "Off to the Races"!

As you know, the previous 2 races were just a "get your feet wet" experience in small towns dressed in each boys local gear. The stage race that starts today will be in USA Gear and working as the US National Team. That may involve even more competition (and elbows)? It is a 4 day stage race with today being the Prologue (time trial). Go USA! Good Luck Connor!


  1. 'Bike Ride'

    Would you like to go, on a bike ride with me?
    I will share all I have seen with you,
    Of God's country clean air grown greenery.

    I remember when I was a child,
    And of the bike that I use to own.
    It seemed heavier then, I seem to remember now,
    And had fenders' made of shinny chrome.

    I would ride my bike to school,
    And it took me on my weekly paper route.
    Do you even understand what I am saying?
    Or even care what I'm talking about?

    This bike I have now, is as light as can be,
    Neither chrome nor fenders' have.
    My old bike spokes, had some baseball cards pinned on them,
    They were the ones I got from my Dad.

    Well I've talked enough about myself and my old bike,
    Let's just ride and enjoy this trails view.
    I'm sure glad that you have decided to ride,
    On this bicycle ride for two.

    Linda Winchell

    Wishing the best for Connor and the team.

    "sleep, perchance to dream"... the art on these pages is great fun Julie, but you must get some sleep. Happy day dear friends. xox

  2. Good Luck Connor and go USA! You should be so proud to be representing our country and we are so proud of you! I love you!

  3. I can hardly believe my little bro is representing the U S of A!!! What a superstar!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy the experience! We will talk soon! Mom, sleep is overrated, right? Just kidding, I know more than anyone that sleep is not overrated. Get some. I guess there is always the plane ride home! Love you all