Friday, April 10, 2009

The Prologue (Time Trial) in Borlo

The Prologue or time trial works like this. Each boy starts on a ramp as the time is counted down. He takes off and the team car races behind him. The car is equipt with a loud speaker and they yell things (what I don't know). Each boy races the clock. Connor's time was probably 6:47 (according to Dave's watch). I don't know where he placed yet but I do know that the yellow jersey went to Team USA--Adam Liebowitz with a time of 6:21 (30 seconds faster than the winning time last year). So, I think Connor should feel like he had a great ride. Now, we will be defending the yellow jersey!
Tomorrow is a road race (who knows how long. I went to ask Dave and he is back in fetal position, snoring softly and approaching that blissful REM state. Wish I didn't find that so illusive! More tomorrow. Keep tuned.
Enjoy the photos.
The "Follow Car" lining up to follow Connor
Con Dog!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!
Father & Son, I have seen this scene a million times and it still touches me.

USA Cycling Van and Follow Car

Wow, that leg looks great in USA gear!
In the warm up gates, next up for the time trial


  1. Connor,
    You should be sooo proud of yourself. That is an awesome time. Keep it up. Can you hear me cheering you on??

  2. Connor-
    I am practically in tears I am so proud of you! You represent our country well!!! I love you and am cheering you on in my heart!!!
    love, annie

  3. Such a handsome boy with a dream coming to fruition. Really, the vision of many. xox

  4. One more thing connor, that USA gear couldn't look better on you! It gives me chills...