Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tour of Flanders - Kermasse Beernam

Today started out with a lot of excitement. First Julie fell on the narrow steps walking out our front door. It is a worn slate and very narrow. She twisted her ankle and went down on her back. She is in pain, but has been a good sport and walked all the way to the Market Place to see the start of the Tour of Flanders. What an event. It was like the Super Bowl with tens of thousands of people jamming the streets behind barricades and cramed into the Market Square. We found a table at a restaurant near the stage and watched from behind as they brought up each team. We then walked to where we could get a view of the entire caravan and peloton of riders. It was all very exciting and to top things off, this afternoon we get to go watch Connor race. I will also be adding some video from yesterdays race in Waarshoot. He was right in it and unfortunately hit a cobblestone and flatted. There are things we can and can't control and getting a flat tire is clearly out of our control. He is a good sport and we were thrilled to see him and his team mates. We are excited he has earned this opportunity and are proud of his efforts. Oh, by the way we sat and drank hot chocolate and ate waffles waiting for the race to start. What a place. Video of Connors race attached


  1. Ice that ankle, mom! We love you guys and can't wait to see more pictures!!

  2. dang! baby yourself as much as possible. for about some waffles with a little hot chocolate...oh yea, you've already done that. i'm sure you will come up with something soothing for your back and ankle. thanks for bringing us up to speed. xox