Monday, June 8, 2009

What in the World?????

Where in the World is Dave O'Leary now? I can tell you, he is standing outside by the car waiting for the women (or should I say Jennie) in his life to finish getting ready. I can hear from the blow dryer that we have a way to go so I thought a post was in order. We have been in Europe (Switzerland) for the past week. Blogging has been hard because the computer is tied up at nights (once again, Jennie). We are really so happy to have her with us that she can take as long as she wants beautifying and we will happily share our computer time.
Thus far we have been traveling though and staying in small Swiss towns. We have been touring castles, walking though sleepy rural towns, enjoying the lush green countryside and one another.. oh, did I fail to mention the chocolate? That will probably be the most visible part of our trip, you will see when we get home.
So far, we have had a little bad news. Little Red Riding Hood fell on some railroad tracks and broke her tiny arm in two places, a compound fracture
That means...bones sticking through the skin. OUCH. Katie was riding Saturday in the "Little Red Riding Hood" bicycle ride in Logan. She had trained and was pedaling through the woods when along came the Big Bad Wolf (some very wet railroad tracks). They took a big bite of her and she is in the hospital in Logan. She was part of the ward "Flat and Tired" women's team! I would say she is a wonderful mascot for the team, very flat and tired right now! The neighborhood and of course Annie have taken great care of her.
Sarah was in SLC on her book tour while we were gone. So glad that the family can thrive in our absence. Thanks to all our friends for attending her signing at King's English, it was a great beginning for her tour. We also have many good friends in Seattle so I am sure she will see some familiar faces there. Thanks to technology, I was able to see her Today Show segment hours after it aired live. Great job honey! After watching it Jennie turned to me and said aren't you glad you are almost done with your kids in the dating stage? Without wiping a tear or even a moment of regret, I said YaHoo! Not that I wished away a moment of it, but those late nights get old after 5 kids. However, I am being reminded that I still have 2 to marry off the the highest bidder! Let the bidding begin!

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  1. i really have missed you sooooo much. did i mention a lot? xox