Monday, June 8, 2009

Flying High

The Jungfrau is between these two mountains, covered in snow and clouds. (Photo below) Our hotel, the Swiss Chalet with the 2 flying flags was built in the 1600's.

Today was supposed to be Jungfrau day. When we saw the cloud cover we had a change of plans. We headed up Trummlebach (sp?) falls. They were incredible and photos can't begin to do them justice. You can see 2 lame photos above. After the disappointment of the aborted Jungfrau trip, we decided to opt for a different kind of mountain adventure. Gutsy Jennie wanted to go Paragliding. We watched from below as she dropped over the top of the mountains banking our view of the Jungfrau and floated near the falls, over the mountain tops, down the steep banks of the mountains and landed gracefully in a meadow where we were standing. (All of this with her guide, Peter, of course.) She will remember this day longer than she might have remembered the train trip to the Jungfrau. She was "Flying High". You Go Girl!

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