Friday, June 12, 2009

Trofeo Karlsbert 2009 Nations Cup Race

Guten Morgen! Last night was the first race of the Juniors Nations Cup. There were about 22 Nations competing and since I don’t have the paper in front of me I will just write what I remember; Russia, Germany, France, South Africa, USA, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands. Well I guess you can see how short my memory is (1/2 speed). To say the least, it is a great honor to be invited to compete in such a race. I believe these were the National Junior’s teams that competed in this stage race. It is interesting because everything is in German so we have to piece together information. It is like putting together a Giant puzzle with the last pieces missing. Last night was a road race, if I remember correctly it was about 120 km. Once again, the pace was fast and the field highly competitive. Somehow 2 of the winners were from Rabobank and Lotto, which I thought were Pro teams??? They didn’t have the name of a particular nation on their jerseys so go figure??? Were they on Pro teams? I don’t know. Wish I had paid better attention in that German class I took in Salzburg (25 years ago). Bobbi and I were too busy looking for the postman and buying chocolate and souvenirs. Actually, we had much more depth that that sounds. It is good for me to remember that because it puts the behaviors of some of my children into perspective. Can’t wait to really talk to Connor. We are here sort of incognito. Of course, he doesn’t need or want his parents following him like groupies, so we are as discreet as 3 Americans can be (1 in a red coat, 1 twenty -one year old beauty who garners the attention of every foreign man from ages 16-99, and one grey haired gentleman carrying a video camera with a 20 foot pole attached.. Lawson Craddock from the US Team won the red and white jersey by winning King of the Mountain. In German it is GPM rather than KOM! I secretly call that Grand Prince of Bellaire! I know what you really want are the race results, so let me just get there…don’t know. Didn’t even see Connor finish (hope he doesn’t read this). They are moving so fast it is hard to pick out just the right boy although I have sworn in the past I could pick his riding style out of any crowd. Most of the US team came in somewhere in the front to middle and I will assume that my boy was with them. Hoped for a win but will settle for Grand Prince crown. Lawson was up there doing the “kiss on 3 cheeks” or 3 girls (that equals 9 kisses) very well. Today is another stage race. I’ll post tonight if we have internet. Well, my man just walked in from his a.m. ride and our stomach’s are growling…..croissants here we come! Hey Connor….RIDE LIKE THE WIND AND BEEEEE SAFE!

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