Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home at Last

Bend was HOT in fact record heat. The racing was really hard and Connor did well in his last real races as a Jr. I had the chance to ride a bit, one day Winston Hawkins even rode with me. I also had a chance to fish and donate blood at the same time (I forgot mosquito spray). Following the Criterium on Sunday, we got in the View and made our way south through Oregon, Idaho and Utah arriving at about 1:00 AM on Monday morning. It is hard to believe I was gone for almost 4 weeks because as soon as we walked in the house it is almost like I never left. Regardless, I had the time of my life and I can honestly recommend that everyone do a walkabout, sabbatical or whatever you want to call it (in my case, Where in the World it Dave O’Leary). Its good to be home, but I already am thinking about all the other places I have yet to see.

Photo Notes - The day I left and the day I returned. Anytime you can go without shaving for nearly 4 weeks you do so. The earring is a prop and along with the beard will disappear this Saturday.

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