Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fishing During the Summer of Fun

The summer of fun continues. With the kind permission of Shirley and Grant Macfarlane, my neighbor friends (Joe Checchio, Gordy Evans and Jerry Carter) and I spent the day on Blue Lake on Shirley's property east of Coalville on Chalk Creek. The day was beautiful and the fishing was incredible. We had a hint the fishing would be great as Joe and I had fished it the day before. Anyway, it was an incredible day, with lots of beautiful brook and cutthroat trout landed by all. About 3:00 PM we drove down to Chalk Creek in time for an afternoon thunderstorm and fishing in the creek. On the way to the creek we encounted this young bull moose and were told that earlier in the day a bear had been seen. There were lots of cuttroat trout in the creek and they devoured grasshopper flies.

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