Friday, May 8, 2009

Across the Deep Blue

Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water, Across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I'm trying
"Lucky" Jason Mraz

Where in the world is my man? He's with me across the "Deep Blue"! How very grand. (It would be even nicer if he wasn't cross from enduring a double pack of prednizone and a shot in the E.R. prior to arriving in paradise.) He is fighting an allergic reaction to the poisins in his body from his rumble in the poison oaks of Monteray, California. We arrived here, Monday (emergency "eppie" pen in hand). The side effects should subside just as we finish our trip and board our Delta flight for the Utah desert. We are enjoying the Cayman Islands with the clan, minus the crown jewels (our grandchildren). Our trip to Sting Ray City (pictured above) was a highlight. We chartered a boat and headed out to the reef where we snorkled and sunned our pasty "Utah white" bodies. The squeeling began when we anchored the boat at "Sting Ray City", a spot that was formerly used to clean the catch before returning to shore. Stingrays congregated here and someone thought, "Bingo", a way to make $$$, so tourist boats and cruises anchor at this shallow sandy spot to feed the rays. It was on this spot that we confirmed the fact that the boys are the "real woosies". For miles away you could hear the squeals of grown men as the rays pushed slimy bodies against ours, weaving in and out looking for food.

We relished the opportunity to reconnect with some of our favorite people, the Grampp family. Ahh, we continually reap the blessing of having moved away from our comfort zone where we formed many lasting friendships. They live on 7 Mile Beach and welcomed us once again into their hearts and home and with 3 beautiful girls, there was little complaining from the impatient ones in our crew.
More to say but for now, sun and sea are calling my name! Goodbye for now.

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  1. It was weird reading of your escapades in the beautiful Cayman Islands form my dimly lit, stuffy hotel room here in Delhi India. We're neighbors! Have a great week, and I hope Dave recovers enough to enjoy himself (something tells me he will.